About 10 years ago, during a rather stressful and difficult time in my life, I was referred to Ken Edwards.  I wasn't sure what I needed from someone like him, I just knew that I needed perspective and insight.   

Over my career, I've worked with many executive coaches, most of them very good.  Each one had a unique focus, whether it be strategy and technique, staffing, and/or leadership. They all helped, primarily with what "to do", and I'm grateful for our work together.  However, as my relationship with Ken progressed, it quickly became apparent that  I had met someone different, unique, and special.

Looking back over the 10 years since I met Ken, the referral to him has led to one of the most significant relationships in my life--a relationship that has moved me to change and grow, and primarily bring me more joy.  When I talk about Ken to others, it's difficult to capture the essence of our relationship in a few sentences.  Like the other coaches I've worked with, we talk about strategy, planning, and the typical issues a small business owner wrestles with.  However, what makes Ken different to me is his insistence and persistence in pointing me to Christ, and aligning myself with Christ to fulfill His purpose for my life, and become the man He created me to be.  

Ken accomplishes this in his own unique style--he challenges me, he encourages me, and I know he really cares for me.  He's just really good!  However, most importantly, he has so much credibility because he "walks the talk" himself...he is a true role model for me as I watch him pursue his own life's passions and strive to make a difference in the lives of others.   

I have referred several friends to Ken, and will continue to passionately do so.  If you are considering hiring a coach, I recommend you make Ken your first call. 

- Al Waldrop

Northwestern Mutual, Wealth Management Advisor

I have had the pleasure of working with Ken for the past 7 years, which have included seasons characterized by challenge and pain as well as seasons of growth and self-discovery. Ken is the most discerning person I have ever met, and his ability to identify and speak to the heart of issues is one of his greatest strengths. And when he speaks, he offers his words and his heart with strength, compassion and love. Ken has had more influence on my adult life than anyone else, and his investment in me continues to pay dividends in both my personal and professional life.

- Philly Jones

FiduciaryVest, LLC, Managing Director

Based on my experience working with different coaches, Ken has been exceptional in helping me break through barriers, especially the "self-imposed" ones we all tend to have. He is compassionate in his approach, but he's not afraid to invoke accountability into the process and "tell you like it is" when he needs to. I always look forward to my sessions with Ken and I leave each one with at least one action or thought that has helped me grow. Most importantly, Ken keeps God at the center of the discussion and the experience. I believe to continue to grow in life and career, we all can benefit from having a coach and I highly recommend Ken.

- Richard Perko

Lee Company, President

Ken has been coaching me for five years. He has provided me with unique insights into organizational health and how I can best contribute to that as an executive. Ken has helped me to better understand and deal with some of the people challenges within a business environment. I feel that his coaching has helped me to grow as a manager and to be a more effective executive.

- Patrick Min

Community Education Partners, CFO

If you want things sugar coated, don't work with Ken Edwards. He won't tell you what you want to hear and most of the time he won't tell you anything at all. What he will do is guide you toward a place of being able to listen more honestly to yourself. Working with Ken, I have found myself making difficult decisions faster and with more clarity. I have more conviction in the use of my time because I am more aware of my priorities, strength, and weakness. I've seen the impact of this in both my professional and my personal life.

I can't recommend taking the risk enough. And working with Ken is definitely a risk, because it doesn't matter who you are or what you have going for you, he won't tell you what you want to hear — which might be one of the best things that happens to you. It has for me.

- Ashleigh Foster

Honora Productions, Creative Development Executive