Coaching is a powerful alliance between a professional coach and the client, which is focused on the client taking action to clarify and realize their goals.  The coaching process of inquiry and personal discovery expands a client’s awareness, taps into their inner strength and builds on their motivated gifts.

Reckoning with the answers - Facing what is true

Coming to grips with an obstacle or a new opportunity can be overwhelming, and it is often the most difficult part of the coaching process. Having an unbiased professional in your corner can help you see what you can't see on your own. This support for your journey is an investment that helps ensure success.

Creating a plan for transformation - Forging a new way of being

This is the place where desire and reality meet. Clients determine their goals by listening to their desires. When combined with what has been learned in the discovery process, Goals are broken down into actionable items that ultimately drive the coaching process. Reaching a goal is never a linear endeavor, so maintaining a spirit of engagement and openness is essential.

Asking powerful questions - Cutting through the clutter

This stimulates a client’s reflective thinking but also stirs their spirit. Everyone who seeks a coach is looking for insight and support. The right question will help a client define their obstacle in new and clearer way.

Listening beyond the words - Identifying potential obstacles

Words are symbols of meaning. Often, words fall short of expressing what is on a client’s mind. When speaking with clients, Ken listens beyond the their words to understand what they’re communicating. By asking powerful questions and listening carefully, he helps clients uncover what is getting in their way.

Executive Coaching

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