Level 1 The Foundations

A year long process focused on growing courage and self-leadership

  • Two assessments 
  • A half-day individual retreat in Nashville
  • 12 personal monthly coaching sessions.

Level 2 The Accelerator

An intense year-long executive coaching experience designed to challenge the heart and mind of the executive determined to grow

  • 3-4 assessments 
  • Three-hour personal 360 interviews 
  • A two-day Nashville-based retreat
  • 24 biweekly coaching sessions.

Level 3 The Adventure

Incorporates all the elements of The Accelerator, but also includes an out-of-town retreat experience designed to provide the ultimate context for exploration, growth, and change

  • 3-4 assessments
  • Three-hour personal 360 interviews
  • A three night, two full-day out-of-town retreat experience 
  • 24 biweekly coaching sessions.
Learn about coaching for Wealth Advisors

Every industry has its unique challenges, but over the years Ken has identified strong common strains in the financial services arena that can be effectively addressed. 

The Problem:

Prevailing training standards in the financial services industry prescribe following a sales template that relies on external accountability to achieve results. Research has proven that external sources of motivation only work to a point before they plateau, and many professionals mire a cycle of average results and disappointment.

The Solution: 

Ken works with financial service professionals to design personal sales strategies driven by their inner strength. When an individual is able to harness their unique gifts and create strategies tailored specifically to their design, their source of motivation moves internally. 

It starts by identifying where the client is in their personal developmental curve, what their gifts and strength are, and the obstacles that are standing in the way of their success.  This information is used to develop a unique plan that taps into those inner strengths to build a positive system that works for the client.

The Results: 

This movement toward internal motivation has given clients:

  • Uncommon sustainability 
  • Increased performance
  • A higher degree of satisfaction

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